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I just finished listening to your "How to build a $300,000 Pre-foreclosure Business" and I have learned SO much. I own a Corporate Rentals business and I could apply a lot of your teaching to my business. The information on these CD's saved me A LOT of money. Thank you so very much. This program is essential for anybody who wants to start their own business. Thank you very much for all your help.
- Grazyna Pajunen

Who is Dean Edelson?

Dean Edelson has been a full time real estate investor since 2001. Over the years, he has amassed a large portfolio of rental and lease-option properties for cashflow. Mr. Edelson specializes in Subject To transactions, creative financing, seller financing, and wraps for acquiring and re-marketing properties. He also specializes in Short Sales and Pre-Foreclosures. Dean's expertise is Negotiations-with homeowners and with lenders. The majority of his days are spent negotiating short sales with lenders and banks, discounting the debt owed on mortgages that are in default.

Dean has trained and instructed countless investors from around the world on how to buy and sell residential real estate using all the various creative financing techniques. He is also a keynote speaker on the topics of Subject To and Short Sales. Most recently, Dean was a featured speaker at the internationally acclaimed 'MasterWealth' Events in Los Angeles and Calgary.

You can contact Mr. Edelson for a consultation at:

Iron Clad Real Estate
PO Box 20456
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928-254-0035 ph
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