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I just finished listening to your "How to build a $300,000 Pre-foreclosure Business" and I have learned SO much. I own a Corporate Rentals business and I could apply a lot of your teaching to my business. The information on these CD's saved me A LOT of money. Thank you so very much. This program is essential for anybody who wants to start their own business. Thank you very much for all your help.
- Grazyna Pajunen
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'How to Build a $300,000 Pre-Foreclosure Business'

--The Business of Building a Business--

"How would you like to know how to CATAPULT
your Short Sale business into the STRATOSPHERE?"

Are you doing a couple deals a year? A few deals a year? One deal a month?

How would you like to be doing 3 deals a month? How about 10 deals a month...Perhaps 20 deals a month?

Believe it or not, IT'S ALL POSSIBLE!

Let me ask you this...

  • ARE you prepared to do multiple deals each month?
  • DO you have a specific PLAN OF ACTION?
  • DO you have SYSTEMS in place to handle 5...10...15 Deals a Month...month after month?
  • IS your office and team set up and prepared to manage all the moving parts?
  • DO you have the CASH or Investment Partners to close 2...3...5 deals at a time?
  • DO you have the MINDSET and ATTITUDE it takes to grow and EXPLODE your business?
  • ARE you ready to create MASSIVE WEALTH for yourself and your family?
How to Build a $300,000 Pre-Foreclosure Business

If you are, then this program is for you!

Iron Clad Secrets
'Building a 300,000 / YR Preforeclosure Business'
--The Business of Building a Business--

This is the ULTIMATE 6-CD audio program on Building a lucrative and successful preforeclosure business.

I take you step by step on HOW to build a short sale buying machine by teaching you HOW to set up your BUSINESS.

This program DOES NOT teach you how to do short sales. This is a course on creating, implementing, growing, and organizing your business systems for...

Maximum Efficiency, Maximum Productivity, & Maximum Profits

This is the course I wish I had when I was starting my real estate investment career. Had I had the information in this program, I'd be years ahead of the game.

One of the things nobody teaches you is what to do once you start closing deals. You're literally left to figure it out all for yourself. Wasted hours and money thrown down the drain because no one was there show you how to set up your real estate office or how to surround yourself with the right people. Lost deals because you didn't have the cash to fund your short sales.

Thanks so much Dean! We've taken a lot of real estate classes over the past 3 years and this was the best! No hype, no sales, just solid content. I was wary of the teleconference format, but it works really well. The ability to work during the day, then listen to the calls offline on the evenings or weekends is a huge savings over traveling to a conference. And it left time to do local market research during the course.

I really appreciate that this is not a fast paced, wheel and deal, buyer beware approach to doing short sales. You have presented an ethical approach that we understand, can explain, and have confidence in our ability to help all parties involved. This is a great business, and thanks for sharing it with us!


But now, all that has changed. Because this 6-CD set,

"How to Build a $300,000 per year Pre-Foreclosure Business"

spells it all out for you in great detail. There's no guesswork involved. You get SPECIFIC steps and courses of action to take to run and jettison your short sale business to new heights!

Here are just a few of the topics covered in this program:

  • Specific marketing and advertising strategies to get your phone ringing off the hook with motivated sellers
  • Managing your TIME for optimum results
  • How to find unlimited CASH to fund your deals
  • Specific PLAN OF ACTION to put you on the road to financial freedom
  • How to INTERVIEW staff to hire the best people for the job
  • How to create the right MINDSET and ATTITUDE
  • How to prioritize your activities for maximum results
  • How to set up your bookkeeping...the RIGHT WAY
  • How to protect your Assets from the sharks
  • How to create an effective FILE SYSTEM
  • The EASY way to cold call and door knock for PHENOMENAL results
  • The right entity structure for your company
  • How to set up your phone systems, 800#s, and voicemail for the best results
  • How to build your TEAM...know who to surround yourself with and how to find them
  • Knowing what SOFTWARE to use to manage your portfolio and company
  • Build a real estate BUYING MACHINE
  • How to get people to work for you FOR FREE!
  • How to position yourself to DOMINATE your market
  • And TONS MORE!

Let me ask you this...
Do you want to know HOW to run a short sale or real estate business the RIGHT way, or the HARD way? Take it from someone who started off doing it the hard way...on his own. I've made the mistakes, I've spent the money, I've wasted countless, precious hours trying to do it all and figure it out all by myself. It was a great learning experience, but I wouldn't want to repeat it.

And now you have the luxury of learning from my mistakes. I'll even tell you about some of them. More than some, in fact. Mistakes made by just about all beginning...and even experienced...entrepreneurs.

Why would I do this? So you can see that what I do is REAL. And that what I talk about is REAL. It's not pie-in-the-sky theory, it's not something I learned from a book. This program is about EXPERIENCE and APPLICATION. It's HOURS of practical, down-to-earth, put-it-into-practice information to get your business going in a streamlined, time-saving, money-saving way.

Start your short sale business on the right foot.

Get your company up and running in no time.

Get your systems in place so you can spend more time focusing on the MONEY PRODUCING activities instead of the MONEY WASTING activities.

Blow the competition away.

"How to Build a $300,000 / yr Pre-Foreclosure Business"

is the ULTIMATE CD program that will

SUPER-CHARGE your Short Sale business!

It's packed with countless hours of tips and instruction on how to build a lucrative business that will practically run itself on automatic pilot.

Again, this program DOES NOT teach you how to do short sales. This is a course on creating, implementing, growing, and organizing your business systems for...

Maximum Efficiency, Maximum Productivity, & Maximum Profits

Start Building your Business NOW! Even if you already have a business up and running, you'll find loads of distinctions and refinements PACKED onto each and every audio CD.

If there's one suggestion I could offer to you, it's GET STARTED NOW on the path to financial freedom. This program teaches you how to focus, how to create a plan of action, what systems are crucial to succeed, how to build an AMAZING team to help you succeed, and how to create an office environment and hire staff that will LOVE coming to work each day...eager and hungry to help you MAKE A FORTUNE!

This is a One of A Kind Program
There's No Other Course Like This Anywhere!

Don't wait. Don't hesitate. Set your company up right the first time. It's much easier than going back and correcting the mistakes. Ask me how I know.

'How to Build a $300,000 Pre-Foreclosure Business'

--The Business of Building a Business--

...contains everything you need to know to amass your real estate riches by building your empire with less hassles and fewer roadblocks. Whether you do short sales full time or part time, I'm confident this course will drive your returns through the roof!

This 6-CD set is being offered at the special low price of only $397. This is a truly modest investment to get your business in high gear right out of the gate.

And to show you how confident I am that this program OVER DELIVERS on content, tips, and valuable can't-do-without information, I'll give you a 30 Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee! Listen to the CD's. Take them for a test drive. If you don't think the information is valuable, send it back and I'll refund your money.

Order your copy of "How to Build a $300,000 / Yr PreForeclosure Business" TODAY for only $397.


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